Friday, March 18, 2011

I Promised.....

I swore I would never do this….I even made a promise to God….. It went something like this:  Please let me have a little girl and I promise I’ll never make her do pageants, wear dresses or bows, or cute shiny shoes.   I’ll not let her be sassy, bossy, and prissy or any of those other words to describe silly little girls!  So now, I must ask for forgiveness.  Forgive me for forcing my baby girl into a pageant tomorrow.  Forgive me for encouraging her to wave; blow kisses and bat her sweet little eye lashes in order to get the attention of the judges.  Forgive me looking around at the other babies and thinking (out loud) that my baby girl is so much prettier than the others.  Forgive me not just sending in two photos, like I promised my husband, but slipping the lady at the front office desk an extra $5.00 and a third picture so I can be assured that she would win at least one of the photogenic awards.  Forgive me for buying 4 more dresses just to make sure I had the “right one”.  Forgive me for threatening to spank her if she gets to the end of the stage and yells “I pooted” to the audience (she does really do that, and often, in public).  Forgive me for asking my oldest child to escort her on the stage because he is so handsome and that might just give her extra points with the judges.  Please Lord, since I have asked for forgiveness, please just let her win….I would really hate to embarrass the family if she doesn’t….  And, I promise, Lord, I won’t put her into another pageant… least until next year.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Top 10 Thursday

I think that I am going to start a "theme" blog each week.  I might change it up, but I thought this top 10 thing would be fun!!

10 Things you probably don’t know about me:
·         I secretly have a crush on the “Blue Wiggle”, Anthony Fields
·         I love to mix creamed potatoes in my spaghetti-o’s
·         I wish that I could play the guitar and/or piano
·         Is horrible at math, and apparently has shared this disability with my children
·         Wanted to be an archeologist when I grew up, and now I want to work in law enforcement
·         I put peanut butter and chocolate syrup on my pancakes
·         I only shave my legs when I can’t stand for my legs to touch each other (yuck, I know!)
·         Have to put things “in order” on the conveyer belt at the grocery store
·         I stand in front of a mirror and do Zumba moves just to see how stupid I look to my instructor
·         Afraid of scary movies