Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A whole lot of tears

I decided that this blog wasn't going to be all sappy and crap like some of the other blogs that you might read.  I want this one to be down to earth, this is how it is, and maybe give some folks a good laugh (or cry because they really feel sorry for me).  However, this week has been a little sappy and a lot of sad. 

Yesterday I found out that a really close friend of mine is dying from cancer.  We knew about a month ago that she had developed uterine cancer, and that she was going to start radiation and chemo.  She is such a trooper and announced that the cancer really didn't know who it was dealing with because she is a fighter!  And, she is.  She's mean as a snake, and at the same time will give you her last bite of food or the shirt off of her back.  I've only known Tracy for about 7 years, but in those years, I found a good friend.  She has attended my children's baseball and football games, we've watched our boys wrestle against each other in high school (well, actually, her son Adam would squeeze Matthew to a pulp) and she has welcomed me into her home.  I have become to know Tracy, and to know her is to love her.

As it goes, her Doctor presented her and her family with some devastating news yesterday.  The Doctors are giving her the prognosis of only a few months to live.  Just a month ago, they said she had a 50% survival rate.  Who are these Doctors to put a time line on someone?  I know that God is in the miracle business and we never know what He has in store!  My heart is just aching....No, I didn't see her everyday, since we no longer work together, but we are friends, and friends hurt for each other.   I hurt for her family, her children, her grandchildren, her mother, for Tracy.  I think about Adam - he's a Senior in High School, just signed a football scholarship TODAY, and his mom cannot be with him.  He will graduate in a few months, and I hope and pray that his mom will be sitting in a chair, raising her hands in the air with joy and watching him receive the much deserved diploma.  I think about Julie - she has twin baby boys who love their grandmother with a passion, who needs her mom to talk "woman" talk with, and longs to share memories.  I think about Brandon - who made the grown up decision to join the military and become a responsible young man.  And, I think about Tracy - I can't imagine what is going thru her mind right now.  If I had to bet, it is all the things I just mentioned. 

Tracy.  My sister.  My friend.

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